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Hayley Wilson (Founder)

Alright you might be wondering by now, why the unicorn? Well, it came down to whom I wanted to work with and whom I wanted to help become the hero in their niche. I didn’t just want to work with anyone, it was important for me as well as my client to enjoy the journey.  

So, the unicorn is here to ward off all evil (boring people who don’t really care). Plus my daughter is a huge fan. 

I’ve been in the digital marketing space for over 15 years and have seen and heard a lot of BS. My aim is to simplify the customer journey and make it an enjoyable experience. All while getting you results. 

Hayley Wilson

Social Media Success is an agency That connects with people and follows through on what we say we will do

We are not here to fluff your feathers we are here to be honest, Open and transparent with you, Even if you may not want to hear it, So that you get results

We have a team of champions ready to help you

From designers, marketers and advertising specialists, we have you covered. 

Are you serious about making your business stand out from the crowd, generating more customers and increasing your sales? Yes? That’s great we have a team of designers and marketers ready to plug into your business. 

When you have your social media created and managed by us we consider your business as our own and treat it as such. Our aim is to help your social media content turn heads and be a stand out online in your industry.

We also aim to create the hottest looking, eye-catching content that will grab the attention of your customers.

Social Media Success

One post per day Can triple your impressions and active users (on a per post basis)

The more often you post, the more likes and followers you get

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